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Who we are? 

GLAVPROMENERGO Group of Companies carries out development, production and package supplies of low- and high-voltage electrical equipment.

If you have a hard time looking for a reputable and reliable supplier of electrical equipment, just call us. Our facilitated and efficient process of implementation and production is a decisive contribution to the success of your enterprise.

Focusing on your success, we work easily and quickly, increasing your competitiveness.

Why choosing us?

Because we listen to you. We treat your problem as if it was our own one. Becoming a client of GLAVPROMENERGO Group of Companies, you benefit from a combination of our competencies of the developer, manufacturer and a trading company.

Working with us, you receive electrical equipment for your needs with the optimal efficiency and price ratio. We work with your order in detail, performing it according to your specification and just in time.

By offering you our solutions, we pursue your benefit.


How we do it?

Developing transformer equipment, we base our activities on the best achievements.

o manufacture our transformers, we choose the best technology from all over the world. For example, the  UNICORE technology (Australia) allows us to optimize products according to technical and economic characteristics at the design stage.

As a result, we create non-standard premium-quality projects that have the cost of typical ready-made solutions.


The products of GLAVPROMENERGO GC are certified and meet all the requirements of GOST.


ISO 9001-2015


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Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Recognition certificate for manufactuer)


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Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (Type Approval Certificate)


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Свидетельство на товарный знак ГК «Главпромэнерго»


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Glavpromenergo GC

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