Magnetic conductors Unicore

Innovative technology that reduces your financial costs and reduces power losses.

Magnetic conductors Unicore

Magnetic conductor is a circuit component designed to localize magnetic induction flux. For this purpose, magnetic conductors are made of materials with a high magnetic permeability. A magnetic core is a core of a transformer, an electromagnet, an electromagnetic relay, a stator and electrical machines rotor etc. At the same time, a magnetic conductor serves as a basis for installing and securing windings, bends, switches and other parts of an active part of a transformer.

Magnetic conductors are divided into three main groups: wafer, strip, formed.

Unicore cores can be referred to as a strip type.

The technology of producing Unicore magnetic conductors is invented and patented by the Australian company A.E.M.Cores. This company has been developing and manufacturing magnetic cores since 1958 and is presently supplying its products and technology to the largest international energy companies across the globe. 

Developed for professionals by professionals.

The essence of this progressive technology is that coupling of magnetic conductor halves is not carried out in one plane, and a gap is distributed evenly throughout a magnetic conductor section. The magnetic flux, with a Unicore core, passing through the cross-section of the plate, bends around the obstacle of the air gap on the adjacent wafer, not running into an air gap. The location of ta bias line joint allows increasing a cross section of the surface of the magnetic flux transition, which leads to a reduction in losses in the magnetic circuit and advantageously improves its characteristics. Broad practice confirms that the design of the magnetic conductor, in which the thickness of the air gap is equal to the thickness of the strip, has the best characteristics. This effect is achieved using the Unicore technology in combination with the use of electrical steel, grade 3408 - 3409 with a thickness of 0.27 - 0.35 mm according to GOST 214271.1-83.

Magnetic conductor assembly diagram

Unicore Technology

Unicore combines a high efficiency of a strip-type core with the advantages of wafer-type production.

A.E.M Cores has developed advanced software and process equipment that allows to produce cores of stable quality with high precision and reliability, while saving material.

Each layer of the magnetic condutor is fully formed by the Unicore machine. These layers are then folded to form a core. An obtained core can be used right away to create a transformer without any further processing. For magnetic conductors of small-sized transformers, additional heat treatment - annealing - is required.

Advantages of Unicore:

  • Best quality cores. Each layer is formed with extra precision.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Flexibility in types and sizes. Designers are given the opportunity to select exact sizes and characteristics for a customer as accurately as possible.
  • High degree of repeatability.
  • Losses reduction in the magnetic conductor by 10%
  • Reducing the mass and cost of the magnetic conductor by 20%
  • Weight and cost reduction of the winding wire by 10%
  • 10 dB noise reduction
  • High production speed
  • High speed of launching a new products batch
  • Large selection of sizes and shapes for optimal price and performance ratio
  • Waste-free production makes the products environmentally friendly and cheaper
  • An introduction to the technology of the best energy companies in the world

DUO core

DUO core

It is the latest development in the industry. This core, while having a good price, is easy to assemble and gives you low losses. It is used for the production of single-phase and three-phase transformers of general purpose with cores of strip, rod and shell types. The DUO core, having one layer of overlap, will have very low losses after the annealing.


DG cores, with a distributed gap

DG cores, with a distributed gap

This type of magnetic conductor has only one section per layer. It's used in transformers with one rod.

The following types of DG Unicore cores exist:

  • straight cut face,
  • cascade of cut faces fans out,
  • spirally wound laminations.

Type, dimensions and characteristics of a magnetic conductor before production can be easily set using the program.


Butt joint core

Butt joint core

This magnetic circuit has a programmable gap thickness at the joint. It's used in single-phase, three-phase transformers, and throttles (reactors).


Shell core with a gap

Shell core with a gap

This magnetic core has only one joint plane. It's used in single-phase transformers and throttles (reactors).


Ring magnetic conductor

Ring magnetic conductor

This magnetic conductor doesn't have a single section of a strip. The Unicore machine only continuously feeds and bends a steel strip of a material so that a rectangular core is obtained. This type of magnetic conductor is used both in current and voltage transformers. The core is annealed to minimize loss. 


Dimensions of single-phase magnetic conductor

Dimensions of single-phase magnetic conductor

When ordering Unicore® products, it is useful to know the required dimensions. The attached diagram is designed to help you determine the required size and terminology.

  • Strip Width
  • Window Length
  • Window Width
  • Build Up

GLAVPROMENERGO Group of Companies uses Unicore technology for our products, as this technology most fully meets the philosophy of our company: manufacture of electrical equipment with the optimal ratio of efficiency and price in detail in accordance with your specifications - and just on time.


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